年龄:15  职业:学生

 My name is Tara. I am from Urumqi,a beautiful city in Xinjiang.I think Spoken English is very important. But actually we seldom have chances to speak English.

I think linewow is a very good way to pratice speaking English.l like my teacher Grace very much,she teaches me a lot.Talking with her makes me very feel very happy and
relaxed.We talked about the books and other intereting things. It seems like free talking,but in fact,l learn a lot.My spoken English have improve a lot.In a word,I love
linewow class very much


Tara is doing great with her performance in class. She is really doing her part in learning. She can communicate well with me and can answer good questions as well. I just want her to improve with the use of tenses cos that is her weakness. I want her also to learn the words that we learn in class. Cos I want her to use some complicated words and not just commom ones.

tara课上很活泼,很开朗,非常认真也很配合老师的讲解。老师也很喜欢她,跟她上课很开心。学员课前预习和课后复习做的还是不错的,需要加强巩固已经学过的单词。她的发音也不错,比 较标准。在表达过程中节奏感也很强,很清晰。
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